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Organisations are looking to adopt a more agile project approach in the delivery of their projects. Agile projects are characterised by highly self-empowered teams delivering products incrementally, focusing on the early delivery of tangible benefits to the business. Unlike more traditional approaches, agile projects fix time, cost and quality at the early phases of the project and manage contingency by developing a clear view of priorities in collaboration with the business.

Developed by the Agile Business Consortium and accredited by APMG International, AgilePM® is built upon eight principles. It combines flexible planning, robust prioritisation and collaborative practices to ensure a rewarding, business-centric focus among all project participants and stakeholders. Elevate your project management skills with AgilePM® and make an impact on your organization's success.

The Netcampus group is an AgilePM® authorized training organization.


Agile Foundation Certificate

The Agile Project Management Foundation course provides guidance about how to flex and deliver projects rapidly to meet your customers’ needs.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The underpinning philosophy and principles of agile.
  • The lifecycle of an agile project, including the use of alternative configurations.
  • The artefacts produced during an agile project and their purpose.
  • The tools and techniques used, such as Facilitated Workshops, MoSCoW prioritisation, modelling, prototyping, timeboxing and iterative development.
  • The various roles and responsibilities that exist within an agile project.
Agile Practitioner The Agile Project Management Practitioner course provides detailed guidance that will allow you to become an agile project leader with an in-depth knowledge of agile principles.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Setting up an agile project.
  • Configuring the agile project lifecycle and its artefacts for a given scenario.
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities.
  • Organising and using Facilitated Workshops.
  • Prioritising and managing requirements for incremental service delivery.
  • Estimating.
  • Timeboxing techniques.
  • Identifying and managing risks.
  • Developing and delivering iteratively.
  • Measuring and reporting progress.
  • Managing stakeholders.
Delegates must have one of the following to write the practitioner exam:
Agile Foundation certificate

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