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Agile Business Analyst Certification


Business analysts identify challenges and define objectives teams use to achieve goals. In this course, Getting Started with Agile Business Analysis and the IIBA-AAC Certification, you'll learn how to adapt your approach to tackle ever-changing and newly discovered needs. First, you'll learn the key skills business analysts rely on to complete their important role, and how adopting an Agile mindset can supercharge these efforts. Next, you'll discover the horizons for Agile Analysis planning and some of the key resources you have at your disposal in learning how to serve as an effective analyst. Prepare to earn a widely recognized Agile Analysis certification from the International Institute for Business Analysis. Our BA\Agile practitioner trainer will take you through all the domains of the agile extension guide, discussions and questions to prepare for your certification.

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Download Course Outline
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Ideally have some agile basic knowledge or understanding.

What it includes
  • Course Price: R12650.00
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Delivery Method: Virtual/In-Class


Junior BA’S, Business Analysts in agile environments or Business Analysts who wish to certify in the BA agile field.

Course Role